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Dragon Age 4 Scheduled For Game Awards Showcase

Following years of development, rebooted development, redevelopment, and back to development, Dragon Age 4 is finally starting to resemble something akin a commercial product. And so, its release might actually be happening considerably sooner than most of us have anticipated.

That, at least, is the main takeaway from today’s confirmation of a Dragon Age 4 showing-slash-panel-something at The Game Awards 2020. Which are pretty much the gaming industry’s equivalent to Oscars – monopolized by the West coast and excessively commercialized. Also, a super big deal. Hence suitable for a comparably super-mega-big announcement from EA. Such as the one about one of its most veteran studios having another AAA RPG that will blow us minds after Mass Effect: Andromeda, Anthem, and… erm, hopefully EA has a budget to let some copywriters adapt that intro a bit before the show goes on.

As Bioware really hasn’t done its reputation any favors in recent years. Some blame EA, others both. Nobody likes EA, really, but regardless, Dragon Age 4 certainly isn’t being anticipated with blind belief that the RPG veterans at the studio will once again pull out a masterpiece in spite of development difficulties of all sorts. But that isn’t to say we aren’t keeping our fingers crossed that Dragon Age 4 ends up being at least as good as Cyberpunk 2077. Which… is a long shot, but our hope persists nonetheless.