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Fortnite World Cup 2021 Cancelled – To No One’s Surprise

It’s official: Fortnite World Cup 2021 is cancelled., or better said: there won’t be a Fortnite World Cup next year Epic Games announced in a press release sent to media outlets several hours ago. This year’s itnernational event wasn’t exactly in a highly advanced phase of planning, which makes this development neither a huge logistical issue, nor a particularly surprising turn of events.

With that said, a year with no World Cup is bound to negatively affect the overall state of the Fortnite Esports scene which has finally been gaining some steady momentum mid-2019, carried by the newly canned tourney’s predecessor(s). It’s not all bad news, mind you; it’s just that Epic’s changes to the Fortnite esports calendar for 2021 are primarily aimed at eliminating LAN tournaments or any other Next-Gen Console offline events that could serve as an excuse for large in-person gatherings, seeing how there is still no way to hold those without risking public health.

And even that would be putting it mildly, at least for the sake of something as inconsequential as an Esports competition – in the grand scheme of things, of course. Epic is expected to revise whatever is left of the 2021 Fortnite Esports schedule should the the world find a way to return to something resembling a normal before the end of the next calendar year, the company confirmed.