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Madden 21 Needing Redemption After Leaving PS5 Customers

The next-gen version of Madden 21 is here and it left something to be desired this much-awaited Friday. At least on the PlayStation 5, as a substantial number of people who own both Sony’s latest gaming console and EA’s latest Madden 16 reskin have been complaining about the disfunctional code redemption mechanics iside the game.

More specifically, it would appear this unfortunate subset of players pre-ordered Madden 21, then were left wondering why their loyalty promo codes for day one buyers were as useful as Adam Jones earning his dreaded nickname “Pacman” during his historic stint with the equally historic Tennessee Titans. That is to say: they didn’t work, no matter what.

And while we’re as happy as the next anonymous person on the Internet to blame EA for it, it would appear Sony’s PSN servers for the PS5 might not be all up and running just yet. Not at a 100% capacity, at least. So, while we’re waiting for this mess to get cleared up, might we interest you in one lightly used copy of Madden 20 for the PS4, flayed and reskined three times, maybe four times tops? While you’ wee waiting for your Madden 21 pre-order bonuses, you could have manually updated this seasons’s rosters, anyway.