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Pro CoD Players Getting Fed Up With Cheaters

Activision is finally showing the PC Call of Duty scene some love this year, but seasoned esports professionals aren’t sharing the company’s enthusiasm. At least not entirely, since the CoD: Black Ops Cold War ‘s competitive expansion prompted an array of new complaints about hackers. Twitter and Reddit have not been lacking in such complaints in recent weeks; and that’s only counting the shared footage showing blatant cheating.

We’re talking wall-hackers, noclippers, aim-botters, and that sort of party-breakers. The kind that are fully expecting to get banned as soon as their gameplay footage ends up in front of a pair of human eyes connected to a brain that’s (under)paid by Activision to review player reports. Unfortunately, this development underlines a big reason why the PC CoD scene hasn’t been given much in the way of first-party esports funding in previous years.

With an open platform like Windows, cheating is simply too easy and eliminating trainers is pretty much impossible to do with any degree of certainty. Instead, patching trainers and similar cheats and having hackers develop new ones becomes an endless game of whack-a-mole for any developer dealing with a competitive multiplayer community on personal computers.

It remains to be seen whether Activision has any large-scale anti-hacking initiatives planned for CoD in 2021.

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