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Rocket League Season 2 Now Official: Here’s All You Need To Know

Rocket League Competitive Season (the other) One still has over a week of play, but Epic Games has no intent of letting its newest non-Fortnite flagship game lose even drop of momentum. That is why the American studio today already announced pretty much all the major details regarding Rocket League Season 2, or technically season 3, but who’s keeping count other than people who already paid for the game before it got reworked from that ground up, ha-ha.

Anyway, the supposed Season 2 is scheduled to begin as soon as the current one comes to a close. That would be the 9th of December, so next Wednesday. It will debut along with the new seasonal Rocket Pass subscription, a brand new Arena system, quite a beefy addition to the game’s energetic soundtrack, and what else but even more customization options! Because we will never grow tired of slapping neon stickers on rocket-propelled cars. Duh!

Hitting the final Tier 70 during Season 2 will net you the new R3MX GXT battle car that looks like something a unicorn vomitted after spending one too many sleepless nights playing GTA: Vice City. And we love it, to be frank. It’s not like this flashy racer with a propensity for crashing into digital footballs would have ever found a more fitting home, F2P shenanigans or not.