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The guys over at Invader.com celebrate their 18th anniversary

One of the longest-running among all active gaming sites on the Internet – www.theinvader.com – has another major milestone under its belt, as it is now officially commemorating the 18th anniversary of its existence.

That’s a long time to spend in any industry, especially one as dynamic and ever-changing as gaming. Yet the core team behind The Invader is still keen on doing its thing, day in – day out. Because ultimately, they’re still just as intrigued with the world of interactive entertainment as they were back in 2002 when they were just starting out.

Passion alone isn’t enough to keep a news outlet running for 18 years straight, of course. The Invader has hence evolved alongside its audience and the gaming industry, on the whole. Or, better said: it keeps evolving, since the process never stopped.

It also never stopped being interesting, which many of the site’s longest-serving authors believe played a massive role in their continued success. This largely comes down to the fact that they still find a great sense of accomplishment in grinding the daily news grind. And so the fruits of their efforts keep finding a regular audience.

They don’t a big deal out of that last part, however. Have video games stopped entertaining us since the turn of the century? No, they keep getting bigger, prettier, and more accessible. This all makes the task of filtering through the heap of daily news more important and rewarding then ever before.

In effect, there’s a strong aura of confidence oozing from the outlet these days. No one could have predicted The Invader would still be around almost two decades ago, but another 18 years feel completely within reach for the outlet. So, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that this is just the beginning of many more great things to come from this old timer!