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Freemium RPG Dragon Quest Tact hits Android, iOS

Dragon Quest Tact, the latest mobile spinoff from the iconic JRPG franchise, is out on Android and iOS devices as of today. You can hence download it from both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. As expected, we’re looking at a free-to-play title monetized via optional microtransactions and limited in-game advertising.

Prior to this international release, Dragon Quest Tact was already available in Japan. What’s more, it even amassed more than 10 million downloads since debuting on the Far East back in July.

Dragon Quest Tact challenges players to recruit, train, and customize a roster of monsters from across the series’ numerous installments. All with the goal of deploying them in a variety of turn-based battles. Every monster, from adorable Slimes, Sabrecubs, and stalwart Golems to the fiercer Hybrids, Killing Machines, and fire-flinging Dragonlords has a potentially important role as players battle to save the world of Orchesterra from new machinations of the dark lord.

In celebration of the game’s worldwide release, Square Enix is offering a free monster, King Slime, to all new players. This is a time-limited offer that probably won’t be live beyond spring.

Up for a new round of finding the best monster teams in Dragon Quest Tact?

Using simple touchscreen controls and a tactical, grid-based battlefield views, players are expected to organize the movements and attacks of their team of monsters to outclass foes. The key to success in Dragon Quest Tact is assembling a team of monsters with complementary abilities, so it is necessary to have a mix of single-target, area-of-effect, and status-imbuing powers at all times