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New content hits Old School RuneScape with Shades of Mort’ton

Based on the latest community votes, the Shades of Mort’ton minigame in Old School RuneScape has undergone a total overhaul, with a new look, new shades (duh), and new rewards.

How to restore your Prayer in Old School RuneScape?

The looks of the in-game catacombs were changed so as to be visually consistent with other nearby dungeons, like the infamous Barrows. The new general layout of the area is also a bit more segmented, making it easier to figure out exactly where you are. New shades, Urium, arrive at a new combat level of 140, and will always drop Urium remains, which, when burned with redwood pyre logs, will get you a golden key. This key will let you open the new golden chests in the south-east corner of the Catacombs. In them, you’ll find improved standard loot, as well as some new unique items. While opening any chest in the Catacombs, it may spawn a Zombie Zealot moving forward.

These undead fanatics will drop bleached bones that must be burned on the Altar of the Damned. Each time you do so, the Altar will be charged, allowing you to restore your Prayer until the charges have depleted. There are some new rewards as well, like Wearable Coffin, Prayer Robes, and Swampbark and Bloodbark armor. Now you’re also able to craft your own splitbark armor. Between level 60 and level 62 Crafting, you’ll unlock the ability to create each individual piece by combining fine cloth and bark with your needle and thread.