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Sea of Thieves Season One is here (and free)

The Season One update for Sea of Thieves is now available for download free of charge on both PC and (Xbox) consoles.

What’s new with Sea of Thieves in 2021?

What this numbering doesn’t make immediately clear is that Sea of Thieves is a 2017 game. It’s just that seasonal progression happens to be a new addition to Rare’s pirate-themed MMO experience. Season One hence introduces new locations, events, and 100 levels’ worth of rewards. Note that while an optional Plunder Pass can boost your progression speed and unlock some exclusive cosmetics for the equivalent of $9.99, the full-featured experience is also available as part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription, as was to be expected. After all, the Netflix-like gaming service has been the most straightforward way to experience every other Microsoft property for a while now.

Content additions aren’t the only 2021 novelty in Sea of Thieves, either. The Season One update hence also introduces some technical improvements to the Xbox Series X version of the game, bundling them as part of the so-called Performance Mode. Enabling this functionality in the game’s settings will allow you to run Sea of Thieves at 120 frames per second in 1080p, assuming you have a 120Hz TV. 4K gameplay at 60fps will remain the default option. For a more detailed breakdown of the latest Sea of Thieves update, check out the Season One trailer below.