Enjoy Tribunal Celebration’s new rewards, Event Tickets, and more in Elder Scrolls Online

Players of the Elder Scrolls Online can explore Morrowind and Clockwork City, as well as extra bonus rewards during the Tribunal Celebration.

How to get Tribunal Coffers?

An in-game event Tribunal Celebration begins February 25 and lasts until March 9. During that time, players adventuring within the Vvardenfell and Clockwork City zones will receive numerous bonus rewards. They include double reward boxes for zone daily quests and Trial weekly quests, increased rewards from harvest nodes, additional loot after defeating World, Delve, and Trial bosses, while public dungeon and world bosses will have a chance of dropping a tradeable NEW style page for the new Doctrine Ordinator outfit style. Also, the final boss in both the Asylum Sanctorum and Halls of Fabrication will have a guaranteed chance to drop a tradeable style page for the new Doctrine Ordinator outfit style.

Along with the bonus rewards, players will also receive a Tribunal Coffer with thrice-blessed items whenever they complete a daily quest in either one of those two zones. What’s more, the first time players complete a daily quest each day, they’ll receive a Glorious Tribunal Coffer, which has a higher chance of receiving some of the rarer items. During the event, players will be able to earn two Event Tickets per day, one from the first Vvardenfell daily quest of any kind that they turn in and another from the first Clockwork City daily quest of any kind that they turn in.

Source: ElderScrollsOnline.com