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Best Card Games on Xbox One

by GH Staff
Best Card Games on Xbox One

Card games, in general, are quite flexible and you can have fun with cards in a variety of ways. In the modern era when everything seems to have a digital variant, card games have flourished significantly. These days, hundreds of card-based games are available to be played online, ranging from traditional and classic such as Solitaire, Texas Holdem Poker, or Blackjack to modern variants where the cards represent the key aspect of the gameplay mechanic. These include the Magic series of games, Faeria, Hand of Fate, and many more. In this article, we will cover and give a short overview of some of the best card games that no one should miss playing on their Xbox One consoles.


Wingspan on Xbox One is an implementation of a real, physical game, of a relaxing nature. Some of the drawbacks of the physical game are therefore disabled in this version, such as having to gather up around the table and set the game up every time. The gameplay revolves around birds and the player’s knowledge of them. The instructions during the tutorial are among the best and more detailed and also set the pace to a very slow one, which allows you to relax, enjoy and learn a lot about birds and their environments.

Hand of Fate 2

The original Hand of Fate game was a Kickstarter experiment that finally flourished and produced a sequel as well. The second iteration in the Hand of Fate series is set into a similar world to the original game, sort of a dark, dungeon-style atmosphere. In Hand of Fate 2 the player uses strategy and planning to crawl through different types of dungeons by defeating a variety of foes. An added feature in comparison to the original is the introduction of companions, which is something that adds up to the game’s complexity and depth.

Online Card Games

In recent years there was a significant increase in the popularity of online card games as they provide a quick and easy way to play cards. It is common to see card games on popular and reputable casino and betting websites, especially since HTML5 displaced Flash. Among other advantages, this meant that more games could have been embedded on the websites themselves as this new standard is less resource-hungry while bringing in a lot of added features and benefits with it. For players looking to play a game of Blackjack in several variations, Baccarat in the first person or some good old Texas Hedge’Em, this is the best way to do so.

Magic Duels: Origins

Magic Duels: Origins is a card collecting game based on the famous Might and Magic series. In this game, the player is following the basic rules that apply to any collectible card game of this sort. There is a limitation in which the player is allowed to use only 2 rare cards and a single mythic during the game. Mana is assigned as the main resource that the player spends to use a card and there are 5 colors. Some of the cards require a specifically colored mana to be used. This mechanic is then used as the driving force against foes in each battle.