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Best Fitness Games for Nintendo Switch

by Dominik
Best Nintendo Switch Fitness Games

Who said video games were a sedentary activity? With the Nintendo Switch, it’ll be much more than just your fingers getting a workout. “Gamercising” is the newest way to kill two birds with one stone; have fun and get in shape.

The Switch offers a wide variety of such games that you can use for your benefit – all you have to do is launch your device and get working out. Below are our recommendations on the best fitness games for Nintendo Switch!

Ring Fit Adventure as our favorite fitness game for the Switch

This game is for those who want action, and lots of it. Ring Fit Adventure is every bit as exciting as the name suggests. Attack those who dare cross you, run across grass plains, and recover your health by stretching. The final aim of this game is to take over a buff bodybuilding dragon who is accompanied by his minions using – you guessed it – fitness!

Unlike many other fitness games, Ring Fit Adventure builds an alternate universe where you’re the main character. It’s packed full of mini-games where you have to knock out anyone who gets in your way, and it’s accompanied by the new Ring-Con and Leg Strap accessories which will enable the game to track your motion better; you can even track your pulse in real-time with the built-in IR Motion Sensor. This game costs $79

Just Dance 2021 as the ultimate dance game for the Switch

With Just Dance 2021, the ultimate dance game that’s been around since 2009, you can get the whole house dancing to some of 2021’s top hits. Popular choices include Dua Lipa’s Don’t Start Now, Harry Styles’ Adore You, and K-pop girl crush Blackpink’s Ice Cream, but the full list of songs has some forty songs.

To play, you must emulate the character on-screen as closely as you can by holding controllers or a smartphone app. You can play the game by yourself or with some of your friends in cooperative mode, even if you don’t have more than one controller – using the Just Dance Controller app, up to six people can join in the fun with their phones. What’s more, if you decide to purchase the Just Dance Unlimited subscription, you can dance to 550+ songs from previous years as much as you like. The subscription costs around $25 per year and the game will cost $50 for the standard edition.

ARMS as the best selling fitness game

How long can your arms go? Find out with ARMS, a 3D single or multiplayer action game. Fight against your friends with your new extendable arms! With over two million copies sold as of July 2018, it’s one of the best-selling games on Switch. If you’re not sure whether you want to dish out the cash for it, there’s a free demo that you can download to trial the game before you buy.

To play, equip your character with a loadout. You can select up to three unique Arms to use in a battle. Then you can choose from several game modes including one-on-one and one-on-100 if you want to test your limits. If you don’t feel like fighting there are also other modes including V-ball and Skillshot, where you have to try to break as many targets as you can. ARMS is accompanied by Joy-Cons, devices that you can hold in each hand to “attack” the opposition on-screen. ARMS costs around $60.

Jump Rope Challenge as the best free fitness game

Although not the most sophisticated game out there, Jump Rope Challenge packs a punch. You don’t need a jump rope to play this game, and special Joy-Con controllers replace the traditional handles. A simple menu keeps you on track and motivated to complete daily tasks. If you find yourself constantly forgetting to work out this game is a great way to start your fitness journey. Accompanied by cute rabbit mascots you’ll want to log in daily to display your progress! Did I mention it’s a free game? Unlike other games on the market that cost tens of dollars to purchase, the Jump Rope Challenge is available with no hidden fees at all.

If you want a quick workout at home without investing money in the gym, the Jump Rope Challenge is for you. If you’re worried about making too much noise, you can simply bend your knees or just move your arms to reap the same benefits without disturbing your housemates.