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We compare BitDefender Antivirus with Panda Global Protection 2014

by GH Staff
BitDefender Antivirus

In the modern day and age of the use of firewalls and security software is becoming incredibly important for individuals who want to keep their computer safe and their data secure. In this review we will take a look at two high-quality security tools and will outline the features on the way in which they can be used. We also outline their level of protection and will decide which one is the best. In this review will compare the Panda Global Protection 2014 with the BitDefender Antivirus.


Panda Global Protection 2014 is a security suite of tools that can help individuals in a number of ways to protect their computers from hackers and other malicious software. As well as having tools that can let you scan suspicious websites and create passwords, the software has also won a number of awards and certificates from labs that have tested it. BitDefender Antivirus is a high-performance security tool that enhances the security on a computer that it is installed on and has a number of different features. It also has a good level of usability and has technical support 24 hours a day and seven days a week.


Panda Global Protection 2014 has always been innovative and focuses its energy on staying ahead of the cyber threats that are taking place in the digital world today. They are well known for being one of the first companies for developing a scanner for cloud base software which they did in 2007. With this software users can customize the computer to be strong against many different dangers. BitDefender Antivirus is popular as it is full of features which guarantees safety when working on the computer. The program is also easy to use and has a high ability at detecting viruses and other possible problems that can affect and damage your computer.


Panda Global Protection 2014 has a number of features such as a browser which scans for websites that may contain suspicious content. It also comes with a virtual keyboard which can be used for entering passwords in a secure way, and has a way of blocking infections from devices that are connected via USB. There is also a Network Manager they can be used to scan and defend against any threats they may appear within your network.

BitDefender Antivirus works on your computer system by consistently seeking out and eliminating different forms of malware with a very high level of performance. It contains a widget which can sit on your desktop. You can then drag files onto this widget and check for any problems within that file. It can maintain information about websites that have a reputation for scamming customers and phishing on credit cards, and has a high level of security in these areas. This is been seen in many different tests that labs have carried out on the security software.


Panda Global Protection 2014 has a number of innovative features such as a safe browser, which checks websites for dangers, and a virtual keyboard which features a number of security devices that go well beyond those on a normal keyboard. The software also checks media on your computer for any frets and highlights these if they pose a problem. The software can also carry out file encryption and data shredding. You can also monitor your child Internet use via the software.
The bit defender antivirus software can protect computers against a wide number of viruses, as well as professional hackers. It is not quite as groundbreaking as the Panda Global Protection 2014 software and therefore is not as good in our opinion. The bit defender software costs around £20 where as the Panda Global Protection 2014 software costs £43.