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Controllers & Keyboards Ep#6: Memorable Gifts & Games

by GH Staff

Once again, Controllers & Keyboards hopes that everyone had a marvelous time with friends and families in this holiday season and the next! Though the future remains a mystery for all, the whole crew (Harlee, Max, Jay, Morgan & Jalane) shares some memorable stories about receiving gifts from their past. From a father presenting a Nintendo 64 to a son on Hanukkah to a jealous cousin who destroyed Legos after someone got a Nintendo DS on Christmas, these accounts and more are told by the five us in this sixth episode

Toward the end, listeners can also hear our attempts to name some Christmas games! We welcome anyone to list some titles or write down a story when he or she received a special gift. 

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For the next podcast of Controllers & Keyboards, we will discuss New Year’s resolutions, expectations for 2015 games, and upcoming film adaptions from video game companies.

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