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DDoS attack group, Lizard Squad, planning another attack on Christmas

by GH Staff
Lizard Squad Christmas DDoS

As many gamers already know, Xbox Live servers were subject to DDoS attacks by none other than the now-infamous group, Lizard Squad this past Monday, December 1st. The attacks in question led Xbox’s online services to go offline. 

Fortunately, the DDoS attacks have subsided, and Xbox Live is now back online and fully functional. However, it appears that Lizard Squad claims that Monday’s DDoS barrage was simply “preparation” for what is to come on Christmas day – stating that their most recent attacks were nothing more than a “small dose” of what is to come further on this holiday season.


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Lizard Squad To Launch DDoS Attack This Christmas

In a recent post on Lizard Squad’s Twitter account in the midst of their most recent attacks, the group stated the following in regards to what they have planned in the future:


Following the above post, Lizard Squad simply said, “Who’s next?” implying that they are planning a similar attack on probably another popular online gaming service.

In case you were not aware of what other online services Lizard Squad has claimed to have taken down (in additional to Xbox Live), their hit list includes, but is not limited to the following: Sony’s PlayStation Network, Blizzard’s Battle.net, EA’s Destiny servers, Rockstar’s GTA Online, among a few others.


Lizard Squad DDoS outline

Additionally, for those unfamiliar with what a DDoS actually is, it stands for “Distributed Denial of Service.” DDoS attacks essentially flood a designated server until it reaches a breaking point, at which it can no longer respond to actual requests by the respective service’s users.


What are your thoughts on Lizard Squad’s purported attacks on the above reported services? Why do you think they are doing this?

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