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Microsoft Casually Adds Entire EA Game Library To Xbox Game Pass

by GH News
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There is just no stopping Microsoft’s shopping craze this holiday season. Though except for useless and oddly specific electronics intended as passive-aggressive gifts for inlaws (looking at you, solar-powered cucumber slicers), the Redmond-based giant is buying up whatever is left of the independent video game industry in the United States.

OK, maybe we’re being a bit overly dramatic, but how after all the billions upon billions – literal billions of USD – Microsoft spent on gaming acquisitions this year alone, it’s truly astounding to see it make even more blatantly costly moves. Cue today’s announcement of the entire Electronic Arts digital catalogue coming to Xbox Game Pass.

At no extra cost to Microsoft’s subscribers and permanently, at that. How much devaluing EA’s own subscription service(s) cost Microsoft is still unclear, though SEC filings will reveal that in good time. Meanwhile, this is not a drill, the entire EA and EA Sports catalogue is coming to Xbox Game Pass this December. That’s on top of two-month Disney+ subscriptions Microsoft is expected to start handing out come late November, mind you.

If it’s value it wanted to create, then the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is already tied with Apple One for the most bang per any quantifiable buck imaginable. Truly, what a year for Xbox has this been!