Grizi Esport Team

Griezmann’s Esports Team Partners With OM For 20/21 FIFA Season

Antoine Griezmann's professional esports team has just joined forces with one of the most decorated clubs from the top division of French football (and...
FIFA 21 On PS5

Here’s What Next-Gen Improvements Await FIFA 21 On PS5

Following a prolonged period of radio silence, EA Sports at last opened up on the next-gen upgrades to FIFA 21 set to arrive early...
Fortnite Crew Monthly Subscription

Fortnite Crew Monthly Subscription Service Announced: Here’s What You Need To Know

Studio Epic Games today announced a new subscription service for its hit Battle Royale game Fortnite. Called Fortnite Crew, the said subscription offering will...
NFINITe Binchang Wins Tekken Online Challenge 2020 US West

NFINITE|Binchang Wins Tekken Online Challenge 2020 US West: Results

The regional Tekken Online Challenge 2020 event for Western United State is concluded as of this afternoon. NFINITE|Binchang ended up winning this tracket and...
Robin ‘Flusha’ Rönnquist Convicted for Tax Offenses in Sweden

Swedish CS:GO Star Given Fine, Community Service For Tax Evasion

Robin Rönnquist, better known by his CS:GO alias "Flusha", has been found guilty of tax evasion in his home country of Sweden. A competent...
Overwatch Priority Pass

Overwatch Priority Pass Explained In Detail By Blizzard

Blizzard at last detailed the much-discussed Overwatch Priority Pass that's been the hottest within the game's online community since Game Director and master of...
LoL Wild Rift Open Beta

LoL: Wild Rift Open Beta Starting Next Month

Following a lengthy period of development, League of Legends: Wild Rift is just about ready for its first real stress test. The open beta...
LoL Transfer Season Starts

LoL Transfer Season Starts With Blockbuster Departures Of Perkz, Nisqy, Broxah

This League of Legends player transfer season is starting off with quite a bang. Or three bangs, to be exact, as both Perkz and...
Overwatch Symmetra's Restoration Challenge

Overwatch Symmetra’s Restoration Challenge Begins, Hurry Up Into The Grinder Already!

Blizzard today launched the previously detailed Symmetra's Restoration Challenge in Overwatch, so look's like grind is back on the menu! The event itself is...
Epic Details All Fortnite Xbox Series X S Improvements

Epic Details All Fortnite Xbox Series X|S Improvements

Studio Epic Games today detailed the extent of gameplay enchantments arriving to Fortnite on Xbox Series X/S. The usual suspects have all been listed:...