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Here’s What Next-Gen Improvements Await FIFA 21 On PS5

by GH News
FIFA 21 On PS5

Following a prolonged period of radio silence, EA Sports at last opened up on the next-gen upgrades to FIFA 21 set to arrive early next month. The famous developer and publisher shared the long-awaited information in collaboration with Sony earlier today, which is why the PlayStation 5 was unsurprisingly the focus of the disclosure. With that said, most – if not all – of the changes listed below should apply to both the Xbox Series X/S version of FIFA 21, as well as its Windows PC port.

Except for once – DualSense Wireless Controller optimizations designed to deliver granular haptic feedback based on who’s tackling whom – and from what direction – on the pitch. This inventive feature covers DualSense’s adaptive trigger buttons, as well.

Of course, a major graphical upgrade is to be expected, coupled with higher-quality textures, a revamped dynamic lighting system, and larger, livelier crowds. Oh, and that last part includes EA Sports’ promise of better-quality audio recordings of crowds going wild. Ball behavior is said to be more realistic as well, taking advantage of all that extra processing power found inside the PS5.

Physics aside, except 700 additional ball animations to be added to the existing roster for an even greater, more realistic variety of ways in which that bouncy sphere can leave any given situation. Just like real life, or thereabouts.

Anyone who bought the PS4 version of FIFA 21 is eligible for a next-gen upgrade on the PS5 at no cost. The said update will roll out on December 4th, EA Sports disclosed at the end of today’s PS5 feature reveal.