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Tune into today’s Final Fantasy XIV Announcement Showcase

by GH News

Today’s Final Fantasy XIV Announcement Showcase promises to shed new light on the future of the popular MMORPG.

What makes this FF XIV showcase different?

The stream starts today at 5:30 PM PST / 8:30 PM EST. Another broadcast is scheduled for the GMT world and is taking place at 1:30 PM tomorrow. Unlike your average promo broadcast, however, this happening has been touted far and wide since late November. Meaning Square Enix gave the fans several months’ worth of extra advanced notice this time around. The broadcasts will include live English dubs, naturally. A look at the 5.5 patch has already been confirmed, but it’s also expected that the event will be used for the official announcement of the FF XIV 6.0 expansion. You will be able to watch the event live on the YouTube channel embedded below, as well as the FFXIV Twitch.

FF XIV fans are hence unsurprisingly hoping for at least a teaser of the upcoming content drop, especially if it happens to offer information on any new locations coming to the game. A new Job announcement is among likely cameo possibilities, as well. As classes tend to be among the first things that are previewed ahead of major FF XIV expansions. Ditto for new details regarding the expansion’s setting and content. Square Enix has been fueling the hype train for a while now, even to the point of openly daring the fans to raise their expectations in anticipation of the Announcement Showcase.