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Flash Premiere Second Highest Premier Views Serial in the CW Network

by GH Staff

CW is a reputed Television network and known for its quality programs and serials. “The Vampire Dairies” produced and telecasted by the CW network in 2009 got due recognition and enough fame and considered as the best rated program till now. The records created by it is no more discussed in the CW network as the new series “The Flash” created history in the CW network and recorded as the highest rated serial ever in the history of CW network till now. Incidentally the actress Malese Jow who acted in “The Vampire Dairies” is also acting in “The flash”. Grant Gustin is playing the important role whereas Candice Patton, Tom Cavangh is playing some important roles in the series.

This series is based on the DC comic book series and in the words of CEO of CW network this program had broken all the records previously created in the CW network and this program met all their expectations. He even said that the responsibility on their team increased significantly and he hoped that this new series will meet all the expectations. Frankly, the network is as its best period as all the serials telecasted are getting positive response from all genres of audience.

In the age group of 18-49, The Flash recorded 6.1 million views which itself is a record for CW network and it surpassed the TRP ratings created by “America’s Next Top Model‘s 2007”. Even Live+7 recordings and Variety reported that this series exceeded the expectations of the makers and it is one of the reasons for making a full-fledged serial “The Flash”. If the reports are true, the premiere of this show was watched by more than thirteen million which is very good news for CW network.

For those who wanted to view this series need to switch on your TV at 7P.M. if you are living in central USA and at 8P.M. if you are from Eastern USA. For those who are living in UK, this show is will be telecasted at 8P.M. on the Sky1 channel. The full season of this series was announced by the CW network on 21st October 2014 and as per the reliable sources this series will have 23 episodes.

The users liked it for more than one reason. Here are some of the reasons for extraordinary popularity of this series.

  • The chemistry between the leading pair is too good.
  • It really looks like a visual splendour and in experts opinion it is hard to find such high budget series in the television industry.
  • Convenient timings also contributed to the success of this series.
  • The gripping narration and David Nutter’s directional skills made the premiere which telecasted on the October 7th 2014 a huge success.
  • Superheros with extra ordinary abilities taking on the bad guys is a proven formula in films and several films released on this same plot and got success. Now this trend is accepted by the TV audiences also and the success of “The Flash” once again proved this fact.