Monday, January 18, 2021
PS5 Owners Turn To Car Paint Jobs

PS5 Owners Turn To Car Paint Jobs Since Sony is a Special Snowflake

The first thing many early adopters of the PlayStation 5 console are doing after getting their hands on this magical product currently rarer than...
Gran Turismo Championships 2020 Regional

Gran Turismo Championships 2020 Regional Finals Start This Month

Sony today announced the official schedule for the FIA-certified Gran Turismo Championships 2020 Regional Finals. No, we can't repeat that name either, but what...
Xbox Series X S

Xbox Series X|S Sold Out As Microsoft Celebrates Making History

With the long-awaited release date now officially behind us, we can confirm that anything resembling an Xbox Series X, S or a blocky version...
DMC 5 Special Edition PS5

DMC 5 Special Edition PS5, Xbox Series X Features Revealed

Capcom today listed the full extent of what the jump to the next generation of gaming consoles brings over on the Devil May Cry...
Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Supposedly Out, But Digital Deliveries Late – Yes, Really

One short release later, and Assassin's Creed: Valhalla is finally here. Well, its digital copies have been delayed in their delivery for over 24...
Mass Effect 5 Confirmed

Mass Effect 5 Confirmed Alongside ‘Legendary Edition’ Remasters

Bioware today casually confirmed Mass Effect 5 is in the works. The development was snuck into a lengthy snoozefest of a blog article talking...
Marvel's Avengers Led To Square's Loss

It’s Official: Marvel’s Avengers Led To Square’s Loss

Sure, they're *Marvel's* Avengers, but this loss is all on Square Enix. And for what it is worth, the Japanese video game developer and...
Xbox Game Pass PC EA library

Microsoft Casually Adds Entire EA Game Library To Xbox Game Pass

There is just no stopping Microsoft's shopping craze this holiday season. Though except for useless and oddly specific electronics intended as passive-aggressive gifts for...
Epic Games Wings Second Emmy Award

Epic Games Win(g)s Second Emmy Award For Unreal Engineering

Epic Games today accepted an Emmy Award for its unreal engineering talent. Namely, the international gaming giant has been awarded an Engineering Emmy at...
Final Fantasy XVI cast revealed

Here’s Our First Look At The Extravagant Final Fantasy XVI Cast

Square Enix today finally treated us to the good stuff: our very first in-depth look at the world, lore, and the absolute wackjob exscuses...