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Grand Theft Auto V Is Abandoning Xbox Game Pass

by GH News
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Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s gaming subscription service that currently offers three plans, Console, PC, and Ultimate. As one might guess, the Console plan is designed for Xbox players, while the PC plan is designed for PC players. Both of these plans go for US$9.99 as a monthly subscription. The Ultimate plan covers all of the bases, including your PC, console, and mobile devices, and also allows the player to get involved with gaming on the cloud. In addition to that, there are also free perks in form of in-game content and offers from Xbox partners. The Ultimate plan goes for $US14.99 per month.

The Xbox Game Pass service is most likely one of the most significant innovations and large products Microsoft came up with and it is slowly but surely improving for all its users, regardless of the platform used. Being a regularly maintained and updated service, it is no wonder that the games that are available to play keep changing and taking each other’s place. Recently, Grand Theft Auto V was set to be removed from Xbox Game Pass for undisclosed reasons. Taking into consideration that this game was released 8 years ago, it might not come as a surprise. Despite being an excellent game to this day, it is past its prime player base count for sure.

Where Can You Still Play Grand Theft Auto V?

There are many online game stores and services where one can purchase a copy of Grand Theft Auto V and for a low price as well, taking the game’s age and heritage into account. There are more enthusiastic options as well, such as trying the game on the cloud which can provide a fast and easy feel for the game if you have not played it already. The game is constantly being updated and maintained, meaning that there is still plenty of content to enjoy, especially for players that haven’t experienced it yet.

What Makes Grand Theft Auto V So Special?

Grand Theft Auto games have always had a cult following with passionate players all over the world. From its roots, the game was an open-world playground, where it was possible to do anything. With each iteration of the games in the series, these boundaries were slightly extended further, increasing the amount of controversy every time. With the added benefits of online servers that were popularized with San Andreas, the fifth iteration of the game has set some new standards for massive online gaming experiences.

One of the most recent additions to the Grand Theft Auto Online world was the addition of The Diamond Casino & Resort, a huge establishment within the game that allowed players to play casino games as they would in real life. The digital business is located in East Vinewood (Los Santos) where the Vinewood Casino was once located. There are numerous buildings and sections found within the establishment, such as the parking garage, master penthouse, a hotel, and more. This is just one example of things to do and experience within the game. Many players enjoy and make the most out of massive outdoor areas where it is possible to fly planes, sail on boats, dive, or climb monstrous mountains. Grand Theft Auto V is still considered to be one of the most expansive open-world games of this (and previous) generations of gaming consoles.