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HP Introduces a New Gaming Monitor Series

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The new X series of gaming monitors was recently launched by HP, and it seems that they are trying to cover as much ground as possible in terms of market demand. At this moment not all models we will be covering here are available for sale, but it is expected for the entire series of monitors to be on store shelves by the end of October.

Refresh rate is one of the highlight points of the new series of monitors, which has proven to be one of the key aspects in truly improving your gaming experience. In competitive shooters, there is the added benefit of smoother, more visceral movement which allows the player to act that little bit quicker. It is not yet clear what might be the limit for our eyes to have in terms of recognizing the difference (and it most certainly differs from person to person) so HP is upping the game here with 165Hz as the new baseline of refresh rate for their monitors.

Explaining the Naming Philosophy Behind the New X Series

This time around, HP has gone along a simpler and easier to understand at a first glance route. Let’s take the X27 and X27q monitors as an example. The “X” indicates the X series of monitors while the adjacent number indicates the diagonal measurement of the display panel itself. The added “q” indicates that the monitor in question has a 1440p display panel (qHD resolution measures 2560×1440). Taking a step up the lineup we also get the X27qc, in which the added “c” indicates that the monitor features a curved panel.

The Significance of Higher Refresh Rate in Gaming

It is a known fact that higher refresh rates can be a true advantage in competitive shooters, unlike high resolution for example. It is common to see professional gamers playing in as low resolution as possible with refresh rates running at maximum. This does not apply only to competitive shooters, as the difference is more than apparent in casual games as well, such as puzzle games or popular online casino games. A high refresh rate allows for a more comfortable viewing experience as it puts less strain on the player’s eyes and the gameplay itself feels more responsive.

Let’s Check Out What the New 7 X-series Gaming Monitors Offer

The HP X27 is the starter monitor from the new X series of monitors, offering a 1080p (X27) or a 1440p panel (X27q). These can be purchased for US$259.99 and US$339.99, respectively. The X27 and X27q both come with IPS panels with 1ms responses and 165Hz refresh rates.

HP X32 should be available by the end of August of 2021 and as its name suggests it is a 32-inch 1440p panel, comparable to the X27q. It is expected for this monitor to cost US$389.99.

By September we should have the X34 available in stores, with this one being an ultra-wide 21:9 monitor, with 3440×1440 resolution. The price for this one is expected to be US$459.99.

Now we come into the curved panel part of the HP’s X series. Starting with the X27c, which is the same in terms of features and price as the X27, with the only difference being the curvature of the panel itself. There is also the X27qc, a 1440p version of the X27c, with its price suggested to be US$349.99.

Last, but not least, there is the X32c, a curved 31.5-inch panel with a resolution of 1080p with a retail price of US$309.99.