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Is ‘Space Pirate Arena’ the Most Important VR Game of the Year?

by GH News
Is Space Pirate Arena the Most Important VR Game of the Year

Space Pirate Arena is a VR (virtual reality) game – a sequel of the classic from 2016 Space Pirate Trainer, the first killer game in virtual reality. The head developer is I-Illusions’ Dirk Van Welden, who says that all who want to play the sequel need a whopping playspace of at least 32 x 32 ft! Hell yeah, is it arena or not?! Such a considerable space is because all players will be settled in a virtual battle arena to navigate the actual moves. The virtual arena will have many hidden areas and corridors, so players will have to move a lot and run around, which will look funny from the outside and mean they will have good sport conditions.

While Space Pirate Trainer is a single-player game set in a 360-degree environment but with the active area of the player covering ‘only’ 180-degree, Space Pirate Arena is a multi-player game that requires a vast space navigate. The game is just one example of the esports possibilities and requirements that players must fulfill to do things the right way in the world of VR games. The first information about this game, which was supposed to release in 2019 but now will be ‘by the end of the year,’ says the number of interested players will not be limited, which is a great plus. But if you are a gamer that can’t play in such a big area, don’t worry – there will also be a single-player mode. It’s for those who want to feel a glimpse of this significant announcement of the year.

The Next Big Thing

Space Pirate Arena could quickly become ‘the next big thing’ because it could be the leader of the movement, which is still in the infancy stage but, based on the interest in it by the players across the world, has excellent potential. What are we talking about here? It is a feature in VR games that includes physical locomotion. So, ladies and gentlemen, maybe it is time to evolve and stand up from our comfortable chairs and move across the room or (perhaps even better) shift our PCs into garages, halls and other bigger spaces to do what we like also stay in shape. There are some small outbreaks in this VR sector, like single-player MissionX, which offers genuinely great moments thanks to physical locomotion. There are also multi-player halls in some American cities (like Chicago) where you have to book your playing time in advance and play just a few offered games. Besides the space, you will get all the other equipment required for the gaming. However, Space Pirate Arena will give you the freedom to schedule all your requirements – the space, equipment, and time. This change is why we think this game is the next big thing in VR gaming and possibly the actual VR game of the whole year. But, Tick-tock, tick-tock, time is running, and we are waiting – will it leave us breathless or disappointed?