OK, maybe Kratos isn’t joining Fortnite’s roster of skin-thin heroes because he saw Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla screenshots trending on Twitter. Maybe, just maybe this development has more to do with Sony dropping a quarter billion dollars down at Epic Games’ figurative but blatantly fattened Hobbit feet back in mid-summer.

Remember that investment that granted Sony a whopping some-meager-percentage-point stake in still the hottest and somewhat independent (thoroughly fragmented, more like) gaming company on the planet? It happened in mid-July, and after the money trucks left, Sony said it’s hoping this will seal its friendship with Epic. Which is a reasonable assumption, from both a business and scientific standpoint. Because, as far as seals go, you can do a lot worse than a quarter billion dollars.

According to the Federal Reserve, this kind of cash weighs almost two metric tons to the gram. Or roughly 4,409.25, which is a way more random-sounding number that’s way harder to spin into a snarky comment. Anyway, Kratos in Fortnite: yes, that is happening.

It’s going to cost you money, though. But not real money, fortunately, just the fake Fortnite money you buy with… real money.

Fun fact: the price of this latest Fortnite Battle Pass (or any, really) is actually enough to buy a month-long Ubisoft Connect subscription and play through the entire Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. Just saying.