Bioware today casually confirmed Mass Effect 5 is in the works. The development was snuck into a lengthy snoozefest of a blog article talking about the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, a trio of remasters covering the original… well, trio of games, what else?

Hopefully no one thought EA is willing to invest one more dollar into Mass Effect: Andromeda? But yeah, it’s quite telling that BioWare General Manager, Vice President, and holder of many other big-boss-sounding titles, Casey Hudson, had to specifically point out that Mass Effect 5 is being developed by a “veteran” team of the studio’s developers.

Update: Casey Hudson is no longer GM

Unlike, you know, the newbies who were given the impossible task of following up on one of the most iconic, if sloppily concluded video game trilogies of the modern era. Oh well, making mistakes, paying out seven-digit-bonuses to execs responsible for making those mistakes because their bonuses weren’t tied to anything more sustainable than a Hanar at a Deadmau5 concert, and then trying over again is a quintessentially human thing to do, anyway.

So, yes, there you have it: Mass Effect 5 in (likely) pre-production, probably coming in the second half of 2023 at the earliest. Meanwhile, the remastered editions of the original trilogy that will help convince EA to leave at least a couple of veteran developers earning six digits per annum on the project will be releasing in spring of 2021.

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition is targeting current- and next-gen consoles, as well as the one platform that doesn’t need them because of this little thing called godlike Russian modders – PC.

Meanwhile, GamesRadar made a cool list of “what we want to see“, do check it out.