Mechwarrior 5 just got delayed and won’t be hitting any Windows PCs (or other PCs, while we’re at it) before early next year. On a slightly less grim note, studio Piranha Games started working on an Xbox port of the game that wasn’t originally planned but is now said to be on course toward relatively swift completion.

Now, I’ve seen enough famous last words from indie devs working on their first commercial project to know that we can be happy if the PC version shows its face on Steam and GOG come spring. Notably, Mechwarrior 5 was delayed in an effort to avoid Cyberpunk 2077, as it was previously scheduled to hit the market on the same date – November 19th.

While the overall wording of Piranha’s announcement suggest the game did, in fact, went gold and could already be rolled out, an extra bit of polish never hurt anyone. Well, so long as they weren’t forced to file for insolvency while perfecting their masterpiece, that is.

Which, fortunately, isn’t the case with Mechwarrior 5, so here’s to hoping this project wraps up as successfully as possible because cool mechs going ‘boom’ is like, our second favorite gaming experience after engaging in morally gray and nerve-wrecking decision-making that keeps us await at nights. Bonus points if it’s next to Keanu Reeves telling us how awesome we are.