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Microsoft Unretires Python Programming Language Creator For Key Dev Role

by GH News
Guido van Rossum

Legendary Dutch developer Guido van Rossum barely made it a full year into his official retirement before apparently getting fed up with the whole thing. The 64-year-old programmer, best known as the creator of the Python programming language, has been unretired by Microsoft, the company official confirmed.

The Redmond-incorporated tech giant landed van Rossum for a role in its Developer Division. He should be much more than a mere figurehead, however; as Python still leaveas a lot to be desired in terms of Windows development environments.

Microsoft intends to address that pain point moving forward, ultimately growing alongside the Python community, as per its prepared statement of the matter. The same communication,unfortunately avoided revealing any other details about Van Rossum’s new posting.

But regardless, this development cements an already comfortable-looking industry position for Python which managed to creeep into every other widely used app on the planet even before the world’s largest computer company decided to offer it its full support.

What happens next is anyone’s guess, save for the fact that it will involve Python. This is just further testament to how great of a job van Rossum did with this programming language which will actually be turning 30 come next year, and yet its best days are quite obviously ahead of it.