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How To Use The Web Browser On Nintendo Switch

by GH Staff
Nintendo Switch Browser

Nintendo Switch is as good as it gets when it comes to being a handheld gaming console. However, if we could choose some notable shortcomings, it would probably be the one that Switch lacks an accessible web browser. We say accessible on purpose because there is a way to use a hidden browser on Nintendo’s gaming gadget, and today we’re going to tell you all about it.

How to access the Nintendo Switch browser

While the company didn’t intend to allow users to browse the Internet, you don’t have to hack or root the device to do it, and it won’t void your warranty.

Changing DNS settings

In your device dashboard, find the System Settings. In the System menu, select Internet, and then go to the Internet Settings.

Once you get in the Internet Settings menu, choose the current Wi-Fi connection. The key to the Nintendo Switch web browser is in changing the settings of the Wi-Fi connection.

Scroll through the network settings, and choose the DNS Settings in the menu. Now come the essential steps. First, you will need to change the Automatic DNS setting to Manual. Then, in the next step, select the Primary DNS, and set the values to, and click save.

Going online

You will get a pop-up window with the message “Settings have been saved.” Click OK, and you will get the previous screen. The Wi-Fi network will still be visible, and you should click the “Connect to the network” button. Again, a pop-up will appear citing “Registration is Required to use this network.” You should select Next.

Your Nintendo Switch will show the SwitchBru DNS page, and you are almost there. To get to the hidden browser, you will have to click on the “Continue to Google” button. The Google search bar will appear on your gaming console, and you can browse the Internet from here on. The Switch has a functional browser, but since it’s not for users to do Internet searches, the security level is not as high. Don’t overuse the hidden browser because you could have problems with other Nintendo’s online services. Once you had enough of surfing, you will need to repeat the steps in the process and revert DNS settings from Manual to Automatic.

Getting back to normal

Once more, choose System Settings from your Dashboard. Go to the Internet Settings, choose Wi-Fi connections, and select your network. Select the Change Settings tab, scroll through the options and go to DNS Settings. Change them to Automatic, and press the Home button on your console to get back to the main menu.

Playing with DNS settings is a nice workaround for the enclosed nature of the Switch console. If it’s too much, or you’re missing some of the other browsing features, we know a smartphone is lying around somewhere to pick it up where you left.