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Oculus Quest 2 Updated With 90Hz Support, VR Gifts, And More

by GH News
Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset b.jpg

Oculus started pushing out a crucial firmware update to the Oculus Quest 2 earlier today. This is by far the most significant post-release addition to the VR headgear as of today. Granted, that is not saying much, considering its newest headset has only been out for 42.5 seconds as of this writing.

But the fact remains that it only shipped with 72Hz display support. And following today’s update, that refresh rate figure has been bumped up to 90Hz. The smoother refresh rate will be available in the vast majority of all games and other content compatible with the headset and every single Oculus Quest 2 release from this day onward. Additionally, today’s over-the-air update also adds support for the previously announced VR gifts.

You will be able to gift both apps and games, as well as various subscriptions to other Oculus Quest and Quest 2 users, the company has confirmed. Perhaps needless to say but the said feature is powered by the Oculus Store, which makes Facebook accounts mandatory on both the sender and recipient’s end.

The timing of this functionality’s release is hardly a coincidence and there is no doubt Oculus is hoping to see a user spending increase come the upcoming holiday season.