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Oh Ubisoft, How I Loathe You

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I should be pretty ecstatic and happy today. I’ve been added to the Heroes of Might and Magic VII Closed Beta. The Heroes of Might and Magic series is one of my favorite gaming series that originated from the 90’s. When offered the opportunity to be a part of this, how could I say no. QA is one of the many things that I do within the realm of gaming beyond journalism.

I was given the press kit, got some nice images to look at for Heroes of Might and Magic VII. While I was looking over the materials, I had to stop myself, I should look at all of this information after I start the download. The reasoning behind this was perfectly sound.

Grabbed my game code, ran over to Steam, Steam is where most of my alpha and beta testing occurs, and then wham out of the blue Ubisoft hits me. Code isn’t valid. Wait, what? Go back to the e-mail, read through the material, and in the fine print I notice: “The Uplay Installer must be downloaded and the code activated from there.”

Now anybody who is anybody can attest to how bad the Uplay Installer is. I’ve uninstalled it a couple of times, because I’d prefer not to mess with a Uplay game through the installer, but rather through Steam. The last game that I played through Uplay was when I beta tested The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot.

Ubisoft, I say this with the utmost respect, please give up on Uplay. It’s always been horrible, no one likes it, why do you keep forcing an inferior product onto your consumers.

Alright, I’m game, I’ve got Uplay downloaded, I’m installing Heroes of Might and Magic VII. Download speed is at 100 KB’s… The facepalm is real… This just forces me into a Bioshock moment where I want to say to Ubisoft, “would you kindly…”

Original Author: Travis Patterson