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Sony Has No PSVR 2 Release Plans, CEO Says

by GH News
Sony Has No PSVR 2 Release Plans

The PlayStation VR headset just turned four, but its successor won’t be hitting the market anytime soon. That’s according to PlayStation Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Jim Ryan himself.

In a recent interview, the head of the global PlayStation brand explained that Sony is pleased with the commercial reception of the PSVR, but there are no plans for a sequel. For a true next-gen headset to happen, Sony would first need to finalize some breakthrough technology, Mr. Ryan said.

As of today, the VR landscape isn’t too different compared to 2016. That is to say, Sony isn’t able to deliver a fundamentally better experience compared to the original PSVR. And for as long as that remains the case, we won’t be seeing a true successor to the seminal console headset. Note that minor updates could still happen, albeit only from 2021 onward.

Mr. Ryan’s comments essentially serve to dispel recent rumors about a potential PSVR update releasing alongside the PlayStation 5. The console itself is scheduled to hit the U.S. market ten days from now. Its camera will also require an adapter in order to work properly with the PSVR. One should be bundled for free alongside most future PSVR packs, however.