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Rainbow Six Siege PS4 vs. PS5 Differences Explained

by GH News
Rainbow Six Siege PS5

Ubisoft today shared all of the biggest details regarding the differences between the PS4 and PS5 versions of Rainbow Six Siege. Well, the latter is technically being pushed out via a free software update, as is the case with many last-gen games now set to benefit from next-gen features such as a 21st-century GPU and cooling fans that don’t sound like Blade fighting Dracula and the IRS at once while Red Dead Redemption 2 is loading.

What you need to know is that the said R6: Siege update is scheduled to arrive in the United States and Canada on December 1st, which Ubisoft is also using as an opportunity to kick off Year 5, Season 4 of the popular team-based tactical shooter. Higher-resolution textures are a given, naturally, but the PS5 will even be able render them 120 times per second.

Doubling or even quadrupling the refresh rate, in some scenarios (though it’s not like the newer console generation will somehow be immuned to any and all frame rate dips) should make a pretty noticeable difference in a reflex-dependent multiplayer game like R6: Siege. It’s still too early to say whether this will reflect on the state of its Esports scene, but the majority of that niche has already been playing on PC, anyway, so the answer is probably not.