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Sunset Overdrive has something to say to its reviewers

by GH Staff

Sunset Overdrive’s coming out soon, and it’s times like these I’m Sunset Overjoyed that I’m no longer a full-time game critic.

Simply put, to call me a game critic in the grand scheme of things would be Sunset Overstepping some boundaries here and there. Why am I making so many Sunset Overdrive jokes? Because according to the game, unless I’m a critic with a negative opinion of Insomniac Games’ new title, I can make all the stupid cracks at the title that I want.

I’m serious; this little filmed bit of a review copy of Sunset Overdrive means I’m Sunset Olly Olly Oxen Free.

You want to talk about corruption in games journalism? Here you go, my little tumblr parasites- an instance of the review copy physically telling game critics how to write their reviews. This sort of injustice cannot be Sunset Overlooked.

That’s why, in the name of our first amendment and natural rights, I have a favor to ask of any brave readers who wish to fight back against the tyranny of censorship. In the comments below, I want you to give me tons Sunset Overdrive puns even worse than the ones that were used in the writing of this article. I’ll find out who on our staff is doing the Sunset Overdrive review and feed him every single one (along with a few of my own) and see what I can do in the name of freedom!

Look, the fine folks at TechnoBuffalo even started us off with “Sunset Overhype“. This writes itself, just try it!

Let loose that sense of “humor” that drove away potential friends in High School! Here’s your chance to level up from a Keyboard Warrior to a Keyboard HERO!

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