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TV Series Suits to Possibly Air Another Season

by GH Staff
TV Series Suits to Possibly Air Another Season

The fans can get more excited as the mid episode of the fourth season of the Suits will soon make its comeback in television screens January next year. However, many viewers of the show are eager to know if this will be the final season, since there is no any hints as to whether or not it will be the end. Now, USA Network is considering carefully if they should do another season of the drama. If they are already decided to have the series continued, it should be aired around 2016.

But the fans still need to hang on and keep their guesses as details for a possible fifth season of this show have been kept in private. Most viewers have no idea as to whether or not the show will continue. The ending of the current season is obviously coming to its end but since there is no confirmation yet, the possibility of having the show aired for the nest season is still vague.

TV Series Suits to Possibly Air Another Season Aaron Korsh, the creator of Suits, interacted with the curious fans on Twitter about the upcoming second half of the current season. He said that the audience will have a chance to see the mom and sibling of Harvey, but he never discloses the actors who will play the said roles. That may be unfortunate to some fans who really want to know about these new roles. Korsh added that one final case will be the highlight in the exclusive much awaited episode of the season four which will surely draw out a conclusion.

Some of the actors of Suits are Patrick J. Adams (Mike Ross), Gabriel Macht (Harvey Spectre), and Rick Hoffman (Louis Litt). The series’ setting is at Pearson Hardman. The story centers at Mike, who was out of school because of an unethical thing he did in the university he is attending in college. He then encountered a conversation with Harvey to win a position in the law firm. He proved him that despite of not having a college degree, he would still be the best fit in the firm.

The first out of the much awaited six episodes will be directed by Macht, while the Episode 14 of the drama will be directed by Adams, as Korsh said. He also mentioned about a possible crossover, however he did not give away much details, since there has been no plan ending yet for season four. He did not mention an exact answer as to whether there will be a season five, but Korsh mentioned that if there will be, it will be aired on January 2016.