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Two and Half Men Controversies In The Last Season

by GH Staff

Controversies about “Two and Half Men” are common and for those who regularly follow this show are very much familiar with all the controversies. Each and every season is in news for one or more controversies and fans are really happy with it.

In 2010, Warner Bros and CBS agreed to an agreement to produce the show and this contract continued for one more year. In 2014, the two companies ended the agreement after Sheen made controversial statements on the writer and producer during the eighth season and this resulted in ending the contract of Sheen (March 7th 2014) and his character was died during the ninth season and subsequently his character was replaced by A.Kutcher who did the same character in the name of W.Schmidt.

In this show, Alan and Schmidt who are suffering with their own problems need to take care of the Alan’s child also. The first season of this show started on September 22nd 2013 and a total of 24 episodes telecasted during season 1. The number of episodes remained same in the first four seasons and the success of the show encouraged the makers to continue this show for more than ten years and the recent ending of eleven season viewed by more than 3 millions. As per the latest reports, the 12th season will be the last season of the show and the audience are eagerly waiting for its release.

The final season of the show started on October 30th 2014 and audience have more expectations on this. The total episodes of this season are yet to be known as the makers didn’t finalize the episodes till now. This series is internationally famous and this is popular is more than 50 countries. In Australia and Canada this show is aired in three channels where as in Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc. it is aired in two channels. It is even telecasted in Ireland, Israel, UK, Australia and in several other countries.

In the 35th People’s choice awards, this show got best award in the comedy genre. It is even nominated for Emma awards and the prestigious Golden Globe awards. The series is so popular that the makers released the DVDs for each and every season and on an average each season is available in four episodes and if the episodes are less the DVD’s are only two. When compared to the previous series which are released with Dolby Digital 2.0 the new series (i.e. from 8th series), DVD’s are developed with 5.1 digital surround systems to give the real experience and feel.

This show even got positive reviews from the famous TV serial review sites Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes. Even critics also acclaimed the new series and the stars present in the show i.e. Charlie Sheen and Marin Hinkle got critical acclamation which occurs in the rarest of the rare occasions. With a rating close to 5.2, this show is considered as one of the best series during 2011-13. Kutcher received $700000 per episode which is a record at the time of 2012.