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Valve adds more polish to Anubis, and some other CS:GO maps

by GH News

Counter Strike: Global Offensive received a new update for multiple maps, as well as changes to the new ping and short-handed bonus systems.

What are the changes?

The update launched February 17 has removed a number of exploits on some of the game’s newer maps. So Anubis map has had a wallbang removed, signs and information boards were reskinned, and some grenade clips were added to prevent weird grenades bouncing on A heaven. Engage’s boost spots have been taken down, Bot NAV was updated, and several visual issues were fixed as well. On Apollo a number of exploits, like spawn boost, were also fixed. Frostbite got a general clean-up, fixed exploit in Town and stuck spots, adjusted border clipping and prop fade distance in the bunker, and added drone clips to buildings at Tourist and Radio.

The other changes include pings which no longer highlight players. That eliminates any instances of being able to reveal a hidden enemy. A bug which caused the incorrect footstep sounds to be played on some surfaces was also fixed, as well as visual shuffle in map vote at end of match. Finally, the short-handed bonus being given in Guardian mode was also fixed.

Source: blog.counter-strike.net