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Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan with the 2012 Razer Blade

Razer CEO Reaches Out To Notch Over VR Minecraft Cancellation

Possibly the most popular story of the week, Facebook purchased Oculus VR for roughly $2 billion. Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg saw amazing social potential...

Minecraft creator Notch won’t be supporting VR anymore

Yesterday's news has been keeping everyone in an uproar, and many gaming fans are extremely disappointed and worried about the acquisition of Oculus Rift's...

The Oculus Rift VR’s technical specifications are revealed

Sony's Project Morpheus is not the only VR to steal the spotlight. The Oculus Rift 's 2.0 Development Kit has been detailed, and we...
Sony's PS4 VR headset coming to GDC

PlayStation 4 VR Headset March Reveal Rumour Hots Up

It's widely rumoured that Sony is set to unveil its long-in-development PlayStation 4 VR headset at the San Francisco GDC this month, and a...

PrioVR + Oculus Rift = Immersion and Exhaustion?

The PrioVR presented at CES 2014 aims to bring motion capture systems that costs thousands of dollars into your living room, for a lot...