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Warframe teases new spring content and then some

by GH News

Star Days love special, Lunar Renewal, and Octavia Prime Access are some of the novelties awaiting returning Warframe players in the days ahead.

How can a game like Warframe celebrate love?

Spring is getting closer, but Valentine’s day is even closer. Because of that, Ticker has prepared some special Rewards in Star Days, and players can claim them by exchanging Debt-Bonds at her booth in Fortuna. The majestic Eros Wings Ephemera, along with the returning Rewards like the Eros Arrow Skin, will make you look perfect for the upcoming days of love. And don’t forget the brand-new seasonal Glyphs. Star Days Rewards will only be available until February 24 at 2 pm. ET, so don’t hesitate and start spreading the love!

This spring is promising to be full of action. Celebrate the Year of the Ox in Lunar Renewal with free Customizations by completing Alerts, and enjoy three new Bundles featuring exclusive Weapon Skins arriving at the in-game market on the 16th. Then, starting February 23rd, we have Octavia Prime Access. Allowing you to create custom music and battle to your own beat with Octavia Prime. And the next major update this March will take players deep into the Corpus-controlled Proxima Regions, where they’ll take on new Railjack Missions and tangle with Void Storms, all the while unraveling the mystery of the ghostly Warframe, Sevagoth.

Source: Warframe.com