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The whole galaxy goes to red alert (in STO)

by GH News

Star Trek Online is launching a two-week version of its Galactic Red Alert event.

How to get daily bonus progresses?

The Final Frontier is caught in a massive invasion on all sides. Because of that, from 8 AM PT (17:00 CET) on the 16th to 10 AM PT (19:00 CET) on the 2nd of March. All of the STO Red Alert events will be returning on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. During this event, you’ll be able to play the following content: Borg Red Alert, Elachi Red Alert, Tholian Red Alert, Tzenkethi Red Alert, and Nakuhl Red Alert.

Along with the usual rewards, you will also be granted daily bonus progress, each day for completing any one Red Alert, on any character on your account. After ten daily progress counts, you’ll receive a package containing the following, once per account: An Ultimate Tech Upgrade, A Specialization Point, and An Experimental Ship Upgrade Token. Also, you can purchase this Grand Prize on the events page. The price will be prorated as you earn Daily Progress, becoming cheaper the more you play. Even if you’ve already earned or purchased the event’s Grand Prize, you can still complete Red Alerts to earn Bonus Progress. Red Alert Task Force Operations are available to Captains of level 50 or higher.

Source: Arcgames.com