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Xbox Series X Controller Support Coming To The iPhone, Apple Vows

by GH News
Xbox Series X Controller support iPhone

Apple will be bringing complete support for the Xbox Series X controllers to its iPhones and other iOS devices, the Cupertino-based tech giant revealed in an obscure listing on one of its many product support pages. Which is interesting because truth be told, we kind of just assume the new gamepads work with iOS, i.e. the MFi API.

After all, the gamepad appears to be pretty similar, the console’s based on the same architecture, and… that’s why we’re not out there designing computer systems. Too many assumptions, too little testing, if we were tasked with making the first iPhone, we’d have delivered a calculator that can’t turn on taped to a pager. That aside, iOS 14.3 already ships with support for Sony’s DualSense controller, which is the cool new name for the don’t-call-me-DualShock-5.

A move mimicking this particular PS5 compatibility feature on the Xbox Series X | S side of the equation should be too far behind, but again with the assumptions – it’s good that Apple clued us in either way, even if it did so in such a peculiarly obscure manner. anyway, next-gen Xbox controller support is near the top of Apple’s iOS priority list, so sit tight.