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How to Use the Web Browser on PS5

by GH Staff
PS5 Hidden Browser Guide

The PlayStation 5 is a massive upgrade over the PlayStation 4 in almost every aspect. Sony, however, downgraded the software component of the new console by not including a functional internet browser app.

While the company claims there isn’t any, you can get to the hidden PS5 web browser quit easily, and today we’ll show you how to do it!

Where Is the Web Browser on the PS5?

If you’re an owner of the previous generation, you will likely remember the internet browser app available directly on the home screen. With it you could open up all kinds of sites and services, from walkthroughs on Gamestop up to HTML5 and flash sites. Unfortunately, the same app is not available on the PS5 officially.

You see, the official PS5 FAQ claims that there is no web browser on the gaming console itself. So if you log in to your PS account, you will not find the browser app on the system menu. Does that mean that your PlayStation can’t browse the internet? Well, officially no, but there’s an exploit available. To go online and browse the Internet, you will have to exploit the Twitter login feature.

How to Get To the Web Browser on PS5 via the Twitter Exploit

Here are the steps you should follow to get into the “non-existing” PS5 web browser. It would help if you started with the Users and head into the Accounts menu.

In the next step, select the “Link with Other Services” button. Among offered options, choose the link that will take you to a Twitter account. You can log into the popular social network with your credentials on that page, but ignore that and pick the Twitter icon just above the login tabs.

The PlayStation software will take you to an online browser Twitter login screen. Now use your credentials, and you will go to your feed.

Technically, you have an Internet browser opened in front of you. However, the functionalities of the PS5’s hidden browser are minimal.

How to Use Google on PS5 to Browse the Internet

There is no way of typing a URL in the address bar. The only way to reach other websites is through the Twitter search bar and links pages post on their profiles.

Luckily, you can access numerous media and other websites through Twitter links. For example, you can go to Google’s profile; they have a hyperlink there taking you to their website, after which you can easily reach their search engine and go anywhere from there. Sony is probably aware of the Twitter backdoor, and it will be interesting to see they will make an effort and shut down these browsing opportunities in the future PS5 software updates.

From what we experienced, this browser has some issues with multimedia content, and it displays text and image pages satisfactorily.  Streaming music or other content works fine, but don’t try the fullscreen video options.

All website content using HTML 5 will also work fine, including some gaming sites, but Flash and WebGL won’t work on the browser.

Although you can work around and access hidden browsers, you should bear in mind that you will have limited functionalities and inadequate security. It’s just best to use the PS5 for what it is – an excellent current-gen gaming console with 4K HDR support.