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16th Season Of The Biggest Loser “The Glory Days” Welcomes Former Athletes

by GH Staff
16th Season of the Biggest Loser – “The Glory Days” Welcomes Former Athletes

The popular hit TV Show, The Biggest Loser, was premiered on September 11, 2014 on NBC.  Another exciting season that will feature contestants competing to lose their weight.This 16th season was themed as “The Glory Days”, wherein all contestants involved are all sports buff and former athletes. Some contestants were even popular athletes before. The new season has the same trainers like Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince, while Jillian Michaels decided to leave the show. This season features two other trainers: that are new: Jennifer Widerstrom and Jessie Pavelka, who would be one of the next trainers for ‘The Biggest Loser’ contestants. Bob Harper, who is still in the show as one of the trainer comes up with a slightly tweaked part of his participation in the reality show. Harper will now be part of Comeback Canyon, wherein the contestants who will be eliminated would be given a chance to have a second shot and compete to be one of the final runners of The Biggest Loser.

16th Season of the Biggest Loser – “The Glory Days” Welcomes Former AthletesAside from NBC, the new feature part, Comeback Canyon, will have the two contestants who are eliminated to compete over the week to fight for the position and get another chance to stay in the competition, and stay for another week.  After it, the contestant who had lost weight with the highest percentage after that week will be the one to stay. The contestant will then compete for the next week’s eliminated contestant. The contestant who survives until the end of the program, Comeback Canyon, will be competing in the final episode of getting the title as ‘The Biggest Loser’.

The current season’s 7th week now features a tailgate party, as the show is hyped up for football season. Some contestants of this current season include a few former football players. This includes former New York Jets player Damien Woody. The Tailgate party is just one of the exciting challenges the contestants have to go through. This features a challenge in which the contestant’s loyalty on losing their weight will be tested. The contestants have to avoid lots of delicious, fatty and high calorie foods that will truly challenge their taste buds, according to Youngstown Vindicator.

This new season features contestants that are all former athletes, including former players of the National Football League and some Olympic Gold medalists.

The Biggest Loser is now airing on Thursday evenings on NBC.