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These Amiibos sold for Thousands of Dollars

by GH Staff

Nintendo recently released their first series of Amiibos, which are figures tailored to the Nintendo brand which can be incorporated into your game. They include the likes of Mario, Luigi, Kirby, Link and more. They usually sell for around $14 though these two amiibos seen above have sold for thousands of dollars due to their defect.

Samus was the first amiibo to be sold for $2,500 earlier this week after a total of 75 bids were placed for it. This special defect version of Samus featured dual cannons instead of just one cannon. While the second amiibo that is currently at around $510, is Peach though this defect version doesn’t include her legs. With a couple more days for the Peach amiibo, don’t be surprised for the figurine to be sold for at least a thousand dollars.

These Defect versions of these amiibos do not offer any additional mechanics in your game, as these are just cosmetic differences. Though with collectors who are looking for unique figurines especially when it is relating to Nintendo or one of its popular IPs, a couple thousand dollars for some are worth a Peach without legs. If your interesting in bidding on Peach without legs, you can here.

Source: Ebay (Peach / Samus)