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Best Antivirus for Windows XP? Microsoft Security Essentials vs AVG vs Avast

by GH Staff

Protecting your Windows is crucial especially if you’re still running Windows XP a out dated windows that many users still tend to use, mainly because of software limitations only a XP OS’s. Today we go over which anti virus is best to use for your Windows XP operating system, we’re merely guiding you which one to go with the choice is always up to you which you think is best.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Keeping your smartphone, tablet, desktop or notebook safe from security risks has become an ever-increasing issue in today’s world, especially with the evolution of gaming, online-shopping and bill paying. Having a solid antivirus software protecting your PC is imperative, as the security of your privacy and personal data should be exceedingly important. But a lot of users don’t want to shed out monthly subscriptions for antivirus programs that might or might not do the job properly. Are there any good free alternatives?

Most people would answer yes, and would recommend Avast or Avira as the best antivirus programs out there. Unfortunately, these examples are somewhat limited by their free versions, and if you really want them performing well, you’ll eventually have to pay for them. In addition, free antivirus programs usually slow down your PC considerably, and make use of too many resources for a measly job. So what alternatives are there? Well, usually the answer is hidden in plain sight. Why go for a third-party antivirus when Microsoft has one that works perfectly? We’re talking about the Microsoft Security Essentials, an antivirus software that really is cost-free and is available for a free download. All you need to have to get it is an original, activated and Microsoft-recognized copy of Windows.

Regardless if you’re using an older version of Windows (such as Vista) or the newest version of Windows 8, Microsoft Security Essentials will still work, and work well. It’s truly a free antivirus, with no hidden subscriptions, no ads included, no hidden limitations or cash-walls. Microsoft Security Essentials is Microsoft’s response to security threats, and manages to work perfectly in combination with the Windows Firewall. Microsoft Security Essentials gets updated on a constant basis, and we’ve found that it can deal with most (no antivirus, free or otherwise, can deal with ALL threats) serious threats. Microsoft Security Essentials also takes up very little space and requires few resources to run. It’s perfectly capable of keeping your PC clean, even if you’re not using Microsoft’s own browser, the Internet Explorer.

Overall, we recommend that you give Microsoft Security Essentials a try. It greatly outshines alternatives such as Avast, AVG or Avira, it’s extremely user-friendly and easy to install and set-up, and it has no hidden limitations. You don’t have to spend a dime on it. There’s nothing to stop you from giving it a try. Microsoft Security Essentials simply is the best free antivirus to download, so give it a go!


Avast has a lot going for it, apart from the obvious advantages of providing a free antivirus download kit. First and foremost, Avast is really well optimized, which means that it runs smoothly and quickly without taking up too many of your computer’s resources, something that especially gamers will learn to appreciate. In addition, Avast has been long enough on the market for the team behind its development to provide competent free updates constantly. As a result, Avast has some of the best detection-rates out there, and that’s including non-free antivirus programs too.

Besides being reliable and resource-friendly, Avast also has multiple beneficial tools included in its free form. The latest versions of Avast include ratings plug-ins for website rating, include support for scanning e-mails and messaging services and have real-time protection covered. These features, while not the absolute best on the market, ensure that Avast is a competitive free antivirus that gets the job done well enough. It doesn’t run great on Mac systems though, and some plug-ins certainly require work, but hey, you’re getting a free antivirus so you can’t have it all, right?


AVG is a great option to consider when looking for a free antivirus download. AVG also has really good detection-rates and gets constant updates, so it will keep most trojans, viruses and malware out. The greatest disadvantage of AVG is the fact that it has a large client that takes quite some time to download, it takes up a lot of space and is not exactly resource-friendly. In fact, it burdens your PC considerably. Scan times aren’t particularly fast either, but they are extremely thorough.

On the plus side, AVG brings Identify Protection along freely. AVG’s Identify Protection feature is a competent behavior blocker utility that works really well. Additionally, AVG gets really good Mac support, which is a great plus. For Mac users, AVG is the go-to free antivirus, proving to be a lot more reliable than MSE.