On the seventh day of the seventh month of every calendar year since its establishment, Bungie celebrates Bungie Day.

This year’s iteration of the happening is largely unchanged in its philosophy: it exists to celebrate the company’s ever-growing fanbase, provide it with some extra digital goodies and possibly real-world swag for its loyalty, and ban anyone who ever wrote the word swag in any public or private game chat from all of the company’s servers until the end of times.

On a slightly more serious note, here are the highlights that you’ll want to keep in mind going into your next Destiny session and related software experiences: five featured raids are happening in Destiny, and they’ll stick around for a while, so leave your FOMO at home for the rest of the day.

Another handful of exclusive cosmetic items will be dropped to those successful in the very same raids, with the availability disclaimer applying here, as well. Those who complete all five of those will win a very special emblem immortalizing their participation in the event that they’ll be able to showcase on their profile.

Also launching as part of the same reward set will be the ability to buy special raid rings with Bungie Rewards. For a limited time only, of course – Bungie likes its fans but it likes money, as well.