[promo title=]Portuguese site UOL Jogos has published an interview with Engineering Lead at Bungie, Christian Diefenbach, in which he states that each planet location in Destiny “…is more or less the same size as the entire game Halo: Reach.”[/promo]

Diefenbach, a veteran software engineer who previously worked at Treyarch, described the team working on the upcoming multi-platform MMO shooter as being over three times bigger than the Bungie team who worked on the Halo games.  This news will no doubt come as a pleasant surprise to console gamers, who may have been sceptical about the amount of content present in Bungie’s new game.

Destiny features class-based shooter gameplay set amongst numerous PvE scenarios across the Solar System, where parties of players will have the chance to travel to locations such as Mars, the moon and Earth to battle an alien menace.

The game’s plot is set several hundred years into the future, after humanity has enjoyed a golden age of exploration, technological advancement and colonisation.  In the wake of an apocalyptic event known as “The Collapse”, the human race now faces its demise.  Players must fight the odds as Guardians, defenders of the last human city, and overcome powerful enemies in a hostile environment.

As with most MMO games, Destiny is class- and race-focused in determining a number of different play styles.  Diefenbach describes Destiny as a shooter first and foremost, regardless of its similarities to traditional RPG setups:  “Since the project began, we thought to try something very remote from [shooters] where Bungie does its best work actually would not be a good choice.  What we did was turn that concept on its head and add all these social elements, fantasy elements, and some elements of this correlate with RPG games online, but ‘Destiny’ is not an MMO; it’s a first-person shooter game.”

Partnered with Activision, Bungie are set to bring Destiny to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles in September this year.