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Control VR: a 250,000 dollars Success at KickStarter

by GH Staff

In an exclusive interview with CEO Alex Sarnoff and CTO Ali Kord at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this year, these high executives represent the Control VR, a digital device that sharpens the hand coordination within the digital realm of a virtual world, and share their personal thoughts about this highly innovative device. In their shared vision and spoken words, these two men believe that this technology with the right developers can positively shape our digitally-based world, but their company need an extra financial support for its patent device, which is seen in KickStarter.

In this online donation website, the company’s page requests $250,000 to push their latest development projects further in hopes of lowering marketing prices. Fortunately, this peculiar package has attracted numerous followers who has contributed various funds, exceeding the asking price with $442, 227 on July 5th.  Although twenty days have passed since this successful achievement, more hired associates joined this growing team to increase progress and bring more awareness to this project with everyone.


Meaning, this versatile object can be used not just for gaming but other environments like the medical or educational fields, but my main concerns focus on how this unique creation will correspond to first-person shooters like Halo, Call of Duty, etc. and other genres like finding hidden-objects in the personal computer. Will consumers need to purchase a separate prop for gun wielding games? Will this fine invention feel durable and comfortable on owners with a unique body or even users with hand disabilities for an extensive time period? What is the estimate life span for not only the invention’s capabilities but the machine’s durability?

Although the developer can probably answer these questions and offer multiple prospects, readers should be aware of these motion control sensing projects since the Oculus Rift that might eventually arrive in our homes or offices. Ending on that note, advance technology just moves way too fast for our competitive era. For more mechanical details and a closer overview about the Control VR, please visit their official website.

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