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Desura sold to Bad Juju Games

by GH Staff

There’s a lot of digital platform distribution available on PC, from Steam to Origin and GOG.com for the biggest. Desura is one of these particular kind of platform that put gaming one click away. And the platform has changed hands yet again.


It is a particular time to game on PC. In the early 2000’s, pretty much all video games were sold directly from the seller to the customer physically. There were no Origin, no GamersGate (the distribution platform, not the hashtag) and Steam was still pretty much in deficit.

A lot of physical store are feeling the heat coming from online sales causing a shift in there selling technics


Now that this system has gained a wider popularity, there’s a game you can’t find on an online platform aimed at ease the distribution process by selling, not the disk, but the game’s download through the holy CD keys.



As I stated before, Desura is one of these platforms, principally designed to put the must-have of Indie Games in your wallet vicinity. And its a prosperous business, away from the big guys that Steam and maybe origin have became.



As a little reminder, Desura was created by DesuraNET on 2009, before being bought by Linden Lab back in July 2013.


And now, as we can see on their news page here, it appears that the platform has changed hands yet again to fall into the hand of Bad Juju Games this time.



So what is that Bad Juju Games company, and what would be its business plan for Desura?


Bad Juju Games are primarily an API designing studio (GOOP.io is their biggest API for big data management), aimed at handling the big data related to video games. From leaderboards to achievements recorder, as well as managing game lobbies for a few games out there (Call Of Duty being one of them), they work on bringing the data to the players and back to the publishers. To sum up, they are the middle agent that will often keep your scores and create charts according to them.

So now that Desura is stamped with Bad Juju Logo, what changes can we expect on the indie games distributing platform?

Here is one of the answers coming directly from Bad Juju Games bill about their acquisition of Desura:

“[…]the dedicated Gamers choosing to make their purchases from Desura can expect rather significant overhauls in the Desura experience, major price savings, rewards, an expanded game title catalog and a fully native cross-platform game management client application that Desura has been lacking.”


Desura is already renowned for its recurrent release of free-to-play and freeware, but if the new owners bring with them a few sales, the players should be quite happy and Desura will grow in its market share along the way.



Have you already used Desura? What are your thoughts on this change? Tell us in the comments down below!