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Disappointment for Gracepoint Fans – This is First and Last Series

by GH Staff

Those who are fans of Fox network may have idea about the program “Gracepoint”. As per the official sources, this show originally planned for 10 episodes whereas this crime detective program is struggling to get positive ratings and if the rumours are true, this will be the first and last season of the program. In this program David Tennant is playing the lead character whereas Anna Gunn, Nick Notte, Jessica Lucas is playing the roles of some other important characters. The plot is based on the US environment and Shine America productions is producing the series. The 20th Television is the Distributor of this program where as Fox is the original broadcast channel.

Detective and crime investigation is considered as a successful formula as far as TV audiences are concerned. But the series created by Chris Chibnall is not creating enough impact as per the analyst’s reports. In the 14-49 age demographic, Gracepoint received the lowest ratings so far and this age group constitutes maximum percentage of audience in the America. So 1.0 rating is given for this program which means that the production cost for this program is more when compared to the income through the program. This is still the lowest rated program as of now in the Fox TV and producers are trying to end the series as soon as possible.

The number of views is steadily declining as the first episode which was telecasted on October 2nd 2014 has 4.76 million US views where as coming to the latest episode i.e. sixth episode which was telecasted on November 6th 2014 received close to 3.5 million views. This sharp decline is giving chance to so many rumours including the ending of the series or transferring the series to Saturday night and the weekend culture may decrease the number of views further more. The first two episodes of Gracepoint are recently telecasted on Saturday and some are arguing that this is done to shift the original Gracepoint to Saturday. Despite of high production values this series failed to get due recognition may be because of lack of gripping screenplay or due to the ineffective adaptation of Broadchurch, Which is a critically acclaimed detective series in UK. The adapted version lacks grace of the original series and failed to meet the expectations of audience.

Till now (as of 7th November 2014) six episodes are telecasted and the average running time of the episodes is 44 minutes and this show is being telecasted in the Australia and Canada also. In all the websites starting from Rotten Tomatoes to Metacritic, this show received an average rating of six, which shows the generally favourable trend but not the excellent reviews to start a new season. Though it is not yet confirmed whetter the show is shifted to Saturday or not but now it is proven that even if it’s a successful formula also, once the show is failed is to make the mark, it needs to be shifted to unpopular weekend days.